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Sandwich Wrapper

C & K has developed a hybrid of the Wrap King® line of equipment whose purpose is strictly for wrapping sandwiches and other products that have to be wrapped in a sanitary environment.

See our sandwich wrapping machine in action on youtube.

See a longer video of our machine wrapping deli sandwiches in                 polypropylene.

As with all Wrap Kings® our model DW-2S still provides that “hand-wrapped” look but this time with a difference…..

In the past, Wrap King® motions were achieved by means of a system of cams and levers. The new DW-2S models achieve the same motions by using a system of servo motors and actuators. This allows a complete seal of the base of the machine, preventing food particles from entering the space.

The new Wrap King® DW-2S model even comes in a “washdown” mode. If your product {sandwiches, meat, cheese, dairy etc.}, need an extremely sanitary environment but you want your product to look  “hand-wrapped” this is the machine for you!

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Sandwiches wrapped with Wrap King Wrap King MOdel DW2S
The New Wrap King® Model DW-2S

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